Cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki.

We recently bought a bag of coffee that Per Nordby has been roasting for a long time, Kopakaki. With it’s new packaging Per Nordby has got one of the most beautifully designed coffee bags in Sweden, maybe Europe.
Kopakaki Per Nordby
Kopakaki is a light roasted coffee from Rwanda. It’s very juicy and has a fine acidity of grape fruit. Even though Kopakaki has been out for a long time, we’ve never bought it on bag before. It makes a really fine cup on the v60, but as summer just arrived here in Sweden, we wanted a cold brew. We made a cold brew using the aeropress and we’ve only got one word for this coffee – wow!
How to brew a really good cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki. You’ll need:
  • 60g hot water
  • 80g cold water
  • 60g ice
  • 13g coffee
Grind the coffee and let it bloom together with the hot water for about 35 seconds. Add the cold water (the cold water will make the extraction stop, a tip we got from the 2012 World Aeropress Champion Charlene De Buysere). After a total time of 1:00 minute, press slowly over ice. Finish at 1:30.
cold brew coffee aeropress kopakaki
Notice how sweet the coffee suddenly got, and how magnificent it is as cold brew.
Cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki.

Cupping Session 2

We got hold of some really fine coffees from three different Swedish roasteries. Here is cupping session 2.


Coffees in todays cupping session:

Drop Coffee – Kamiro (Rwanda)
Koppi – Nyungwe Pb (Rwanda)
Slöinge Kafferosteri – San Juan (Guatemala)
Koppi – El Parador (Colombia)

Cupping method:
8,25g coffee + 150ml water
4 min brew time


Drop Coffee – Kamiro (Rwanda)


What we tasted: Lemon, herbs, earth, green tea

What the package said: Lemon and Strawberries

Conclusion: Literally a bomb of lemons. Would probably be perfect for a cold brew on a hot summers day!

Where to get it: Kaffemaskinen at Landsvägsgatan 15 here in Gothenburg or on their website.

Koppi – Nyungwe Pb (Rwanda)


What we tasted: Grapes, raisins

What the package said: Grapes, rose hips, apples

Conclusion: Drinking this coffee is almost like a glass of wine. One of our favourites this cupping session. We had problems finding the apple taste though.

Where to get it: Koppi’s website.

Slöinge Kafferosteri – San Juan (Guatemala)


What we tasted: Hazelnut, burnt sugar, butter

What the package said: Apple, nougat, butterscotch

Conclusion: This is a coffee from a roastery in a small town called Slöinge on the west coast of Sweden. Founded by a guy named Daniel, who was taught by Per Nordby, this is a roastery that brings more and more interesting coffees to the market. Even though this one was a bit darker than we expected, it still gives a fine cup of coffee with a full bodied after-taste!

Where to get it: Mellgren’s Fine Tobacco, Mölndalsvägen 3 here in Gothenburg.

Koppi – El Parador (Colombia)


What we tasted: Toasty, sweet orange, papaya and kiwi

What the package said: Papaya, macadamia and mandarin

Conclusion: Makes a really fruity cup of coffee.

Where to get it: Not in Gothenburg yet. Check their website.

Cupping Session 2