Coffee Subscription

We’ve been working on hard on a project that we’re finally launching today. We are starting a  coffee subscription service!

Coffee Subscription

Bean Portal is Sweden’s first coffee subscription, featuring only specialty coffee. Subscribers will receive a box with three carefully selected specialty coffees from a different coffee roastery every month. Each coffee comes in 100 gram increments, offering a total of 300 grams of coffee.

We are proud to finally launch our service and share all amazing coffees we taste with you. We hope you’ll join us!

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Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription

Llama Lloyd

As far as we know there are two cafés on Hisingen that serves specialty coffee: Alkemisten and Llama Lloyd.

Only a block away from Kvilletorget, in the corner of Tunnbindaregatan and Väderkvarnsgatan, lies Llama Lloyd – the bicycle café. Forget about latte art, this is a filter coffee shop. And no, we didn’t even miss the espresso machine.

Llama Lloyd

Robin, the founder and barista at Llama Lloyd serves you excellent pour over coffee, roasted by Per Nordby. If you’re hungry, you can also get yourself something to eat. Robin makes his own soups, sandwiches and cookies.

Llama Lloyd

The café itself is quite small. There are a few seatings inside, maybe 6-8, but there is also an outdoor seating area by the street, which is absolutely lovely when it’s sunny. The bar desk is also a blackboard, where Robin gives tips about bicycle organizations in Gothenburg, such as where to repair your bike, where to buy a used bike or where to recycle one. The walls are decorated with beautiful Gothenburg prints from Hisingen Grafiska Verkstad.

Llama Lloyd

At our first, and so far only visit (there will be more we promise), Robin brewed Kaiguri, a Kenyan coffee from Per Nordby, which was absolutely amazing. If you go here be sure to go by bike, at Llama Lloyd all bike riders get 10% off.

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri: 09:00–18:00
Weekends: 12:00–16:00

Väderkvarnsgatan 16A

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Llama Lloyd

Blog split up – A blog about coffee

Since we like to write about more than the Gothenburg coffee culture, we have decided to split this blog. We will continue to write about coffee and cafés in Gothenburg (and the areas around) on this blog, but as we also like to write about coffee that isn’t from Gothenburg, maybe not even from Sweden, we have now created a new blog:

This means, this blog will be all about coffee in and from Gothenburg, and our new blog,, will be about everything else! (that has got to do with coffee of course)

We know hope that we can keep a greater focus on the Gothenburg coffee culture on this blog. And we hope you guys will check out our latest creation

Blog split up – A blog about coffee

Cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki.

We recently bought a bag of coffee that Per Nordby has been roasting for a long time, Kopakaki. With it’s new packaging Per Nordby has got one of the most beautifully designed coffee bags in Sweden, maybe Europe.
Kopakaki Per Nordby
Kopakaki is a light roasted coffee from Rwanda. It’s very juicy and has a fine acidity of grape fruit. Even though Kopakaki has been out for a long time, we’ve never bought it on bag before. It makes a really fine cup on the v60, but as summer just arrived here in Sweden, we wanted a cold brew. We made a cold brew using the aeropress and we’ve only got one word for this coffee – wow!
How to brew a really good cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki. You’ll need:
  • 60g hot water
  • 80g cold water
  • 60g ice
  • 13g coffee
Grind the coffee and let it bloom together with the hot water for about 35 seconds. Add the cold water (the cold water will make the extraction stop, a tip we got from the 2012 World Aeropress Champion Charlene De Buysere). After a total time of 1:00 minute, press slowly over ice. Finish at 1:30.
cold brew coffee aeropress kopakaki
Notice how sweet the coffee suddenly got, and how magnificent it is as cold brew.
Cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki.

Cupping Session 2

We got hold of some really fine coffees from three different Swedish roasteries. Here is cupping session 2.


Coffees in todays cupping session:

Drop Coffee – Kamiro (Rwanda)
Koppi – Nyungwe Pb (Rwanda)
Slöinge Kafferosteri – San Juan (Guatemala)
Koppi – El Parador (Colombia)

Cupping method:
8,25g coffee + 150ml water
4 min brew time


Drop Coffee – Kamiro (Rwanda)


What we tasted: Lemon, herbs, earth, green tea

What the package said: Lemon and Strawberries

Conclusion: Literally a bomb of lemons. Would probably be perfect for a cold brew on a hot summers day!

Where to get it: Kaffemaskinen at Landsvägsgatan 15 here in Gothenburg or on their website.

Koppi – Nyungwe Pb (Rwanda)


What we tasted: Grapes, raisins

What the package said: Grapes, rose hips, apples

Conclusion: Drinking this coffee is almost like a glass of wine. One of our favourites this cupping session. We had problems finding the apple taste though.

Where to get it: Koppi’s website.

Slöinge Kafferosteri – San Juan (Guatemala)


What we tasted: Hazelnut, burnt sugar, butter

What the package said: Apple, nougat, butterscotch

Conclusion: This is a coffee from a roastery in a small town called Slöinge on the west coast of Sweden. Founded by a guy named Daniel, who was taught by Per Nordby, this is a roastery that brings more and more interesting coffees to the market. Even though this one was a bit darker than we expected, it still gives a fine cup of coffee with a full bodied after-taste!

Where to get it: Mellgren’s Fine Tobacco, Mölndalsvägen 3 here in Gothenburg.

Koppi – El Parador (Colombia)


What we tasted: Toasty, sweet orange, papaya and kiwi

What the package said: Papaya, macadamia and mandarin

Conclusion: Makes a really fruity cup of coffee.

Where to get it: Not in Gothenburg yet. Check their website.

Cupping Session 2

Cupping Session 1

We got together to cup five different coffees from four different Swedish roasters.

Cupping Coffee

The represented were:
Drop Coffee – Epiphany Muhirwa  (Rwanda)
Drop Coffee – Ilomba (Tanzania)
Koppi – Sehe (Burundi)
Alkemisten, roasted by Sandby Kafferosteri – Singel (Ethiopia)
Love Coffee – Cafisur (Colombia)

Cupping method:
8,25g coffee for 150ml water
4 min brew time

Cupping Coffee Cupping Coffee


Drop Coffee – Epiphany Muhirwa  (Rwanda)

drop coffee epiphany muhirwa rwanda

What we tasted: Sweet all the way through. Lemonade, lingonberries.

What the package said: Lingonberries and cacao butter.

Conclusion: This coffee is yum. Well balanced and full bodied. A must try.

Where to get it: Kaffemaskinen at Landsvägsgatan 15 here in Gothenburg or on their website.


Love Coffee – Cafisur (Colombia)

Love Coffee Cafisur Colombia

What we tasted: Milk chocolate, red currant.

What the package said: Cacao, cherries and blackberries.

Conclusion: It’s a well balanced sweet coffee with a hit of acid, but almost too balanced to stand out among the other coffees.

Where to get it: Not sold in Gothenburg. Check their website.


Drop Coffee – Ilomba (Tanzania)

drop coffee ilomba tanzania

What we tasted: Black currant, elderflower.

What the package said: White currant and elderflower.

Conclusion: We very much agreed with what the package says. When you realize that this coffee actually taste like elderflower, you can’t get it out of your head (in a good way).

Where to get it: Kaffemaskinen at Landsvägsgatan 15 here in Gothenburg or their website.


Alkemisten, roasted by Sandby Kafferosteri – Singel (Ethiopia)

alkemisten singel ethiopia

What we tasted: Dill, citrus, burnt sugar, nutty.

What the package said: Citrus, lemon grass.

Conclusion: When we say dill we are not kidding, though it might have been our cupping method that enhanced the dill taste. In our opinion it is a bit too dark roasted. We will not buy this one again.

Where to get it: At Alkemisten.


Koppi – Sehe (Burundi)

koppi sehe buruni india

What we tasted: Tomatoes, juicy, sweet.

What the package said: Darjeeling, black currants and sweet citrus.

Conclusion: This is a really good, light roasted coffee. It was used in the Polish Aeropress championship and we can definitely see why.

Where to get it: Unfortunately not sold in Gothenburg. Check their website.

Cupping Session 1


There are few really good coffee spots on Hisingen but Alkemisten is one of them. The café is situated in the up and coming Kvillebäcken. Serving their own coffee beans (roasted by Sandby Kafferosteri), Alkemisten brew your coffee as regular black filter, on machine and v60, or espresso based.

Alkemisten Kaffebar

The seatings are quite few (and we pretty much captured the whole café in the picture above). We were there last Sunday on their opening day, and even though its newly opened, it felt as if the baristas had been working there for years. The interior is industrial with a thick concrete worktop on the bar desk, vintage Luxo lamps and wooden cable reels as tables.

coffee alkemisten

Unfortunately, they didn’t serve pour over that first Sunday, but they promised it was on its way (and we saw pictures of it on Facebook a few days later). Instead of our standard pour over, we had an excellent Americano on their Neidan coffee and we also got to try their Waidan as espressos. In addition to pour over and espresso, we also saw a siphon on a shelf!

alkemisten-kaffebar-14 alkemisten-kaffebar-13

Except for coffee Alkemisten also have locally produced juices and organic food and pastries.


The name Alkemisten is translated to The Alchemist, and they also sell the book by Paulo Coelho.


Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 7 – 17
Weekends: 10 – 16

Gustaf Dahlénsgatan 14

Also, be sure to rate them at:


da Matteo – Sprängkullsgatan

Just a quick walk from Haga lies one of the cafés of the well established Gothenburg chain da Matteo. The coffee is from their own roastery here in Gothenburg and is also available in 250g coffee bags. Here you can get yourself a pour over (made with the chemex or v60) or your ordinary espresso based, as well as beer, wine and cold drinks. If you are hungry, they have also got an á la carte menu, which is said to be one of the best ones in Gothenburg.

Chemex at da Matteo

da Matteo coffee bags

The café has two floors, on ground floor you find the bar as well as the majority of the seating, and on the upper floor an outdoor seating area. Some of the seatings are in the showroom for P.A.P , a local laptop cover producer. When crowded, the ground floor might get a bit noisy, and therefore we recommend the upper outdoor area, with heaters for cold days.



da matteo sprängkullsgatanWith good service and splendid coffee, da Matteo is always a safe bet when you are low on caffeine. They have always got at least two choises of beans for your coffee, and if you don’t know which one to choose, they are glad to help. Sadly they don’t serve the pour over during lunch hours.


da matteo sprängkullsgatan

If you are going to da Matteo at Sprängkullsgatan, just look for the red cow, it is always there when they are open.


Opening hours are
Mon-Tue: 7.30 – 19
Wed-Thu: 7.30-21
Fri: 7.30 – 22
Sat: 10 – 22
Sun: 11 – 17

Closest bus stop: Hagakyrkan

Sprängkullsgatan 10A

Have you been to da Matteo? Rate them at:

da Matteo – Sprängkullsgatan

Viktors kaffe

Viktors is a coffee bar situated on a side street to Avenyn. They serve pour over as well as espresso based coffee and during the summer they also serve cold drip.


It is a fairly small café with seating for about 20 people. During the warmer seasons there are also seatings outside. The interior is 70s inspired with Scandinavian windsor chairs and String shelves. The art on the walls is for sale and changes every now and then.

todays-coffeepour-overWe have got the feeling that they mostly serve Johan & Nyström, though we know that they have served coffee from e.g. Per Nordby some time ago.

We think that the café itself is nice and would be a great place to study if it wasn’t for the loud music. Luckily you can grab yourself a take away and head for the library 100 meters away, because the coffee is really worth it. Make sure to try the pour over! (We do love the pour over!!)


If you, for some reason, are reading a coffee blog but do not fancy coffee, Viktors Kaffe serve tea and juices. If you want to grab something to eat, they also got sandwiches and bakeries.

They make their pour over with the v60, and grind with the Mahlkönig EK43.

Opening hours are Mon – Fri: 7 – 19
Weekends: 9.30 – 18

Closest bus stop: Götaplatsen

Geijersgatan 7

Note: if you’ve been to Viktors Kaffe, be sure to rate them at

Viktors kaffe