Cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki.

We recently bought a bag of coffee that Per Nordby has been roasting for a long time, Kopakaki. With it’s new packaging Per Nordby has got one of the most beautifully designed coffee bags in Sweden, maybe Europe.
Kopakaki Per Nordby
Kopakaki is a light roasted coffee from Rwanda. It’s very juicy and has a fine acidity of grape fruit. Even though Kopakaki has been out for a long time, we’ve never bought it on bag before. It makes a really fine cup on the v60, but as summer just arrived here in Sweden, we wanted a cold brew. We made a cold brew using the aeropress and we’ve only got one word for this coffee – wow!
How to brew a really good cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki. You’ll need:
  • 60g hot water
  • 80g cold water
  • 60g ice
  • 13g coffee
Grind the coffee and let it bloom together with the hot water for about 35 seconds. Add the cold water (the cold water will make the extraction stop, a tip we got from the 2012 World Aeropress Champion Charlene De Buysere). After a total time of 1:00 minute, press slowly over ice. Finish at 1:30.
cold brew coffee aeropress kopakaki
Notice how sweet the coffee suddenly got, and how magnificent it is as cold brew.
Cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki.

One thought on “Cold brew using the aeropress with Kopakaki.

  1. I used to think that its Kopaki and not Kopakaki, LOL. But its really great coffee- I love the tangerine and lemon hints in it. And by the way, Per Nordby’s packaging is just awesome, and its also good to know that whatever is inside is also nice.


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