Cupping Session 1

We got together to cup five different coffees from four different Swedish roasters.

Cupping Coffee

The represented were:
Drop Coffee – Epiphany Muhirwa  (Rwanda)
Drop Coffee – Ilomba (Tanzania)
Koppi – Sehe (Burundi)
Alkemisten, roasted by Sandby Kafferosteri – Singel (Ethiopia)
Love Coffee – Cafisur (Colombia)

Cupping method:
8,25g coffee for 150ml water
4 min brew time

Cupping Coffee Cupping Coffee


Drop Coffee – Epiphany Muhirwa  (Rwanda)

drop coffee epiphany muhirwa rwanda

What we tasted: Sweet all the way through. Lemonade, lingonberries.

What the package said: Lingonberries and cacao butter.

Conclusion: This coffee is yum. Well balanced and full bodied. A must try.

Where to get it: Kaffemaskinen at Landsvägsgatan 15 here in Gothenburg or on their website.


Love Coffee – Cafisur (Colombia)

Love Coffee Cafisur Colombia

What we tasted: Milk chocolate, red currant.

What the package said: Cacao, cherries and blackberries.

Conclusion: It’s a well balanced sweet coffee with a hit of acid, but almost too balanced to stand out among the other coffees.

Where to get it: Not sold in Gothenburg. Check their website.


Drop Coffee – Ilomba (Tanzania)

drop coffee ilomba tanzania

What we tasted: Black currant, elderflower.

What the package said: White currant and elderflower.

Conclusion: We very much agreed with what the package says. When you realize that this coffee actually taste like elderflower, you can’t get it out of your head (in a good way).

Where to get it: Kaffemaskinen at Landsvägsgatan 15 here in Gothenburg or their website.


Alkemisten, roasted by Sandby Kafferosteri – Singel (Ethiopia)

alkemisten singel ethiopia

What we tasted: Dill, citrus, burnt sugar, nutty.

What the package said: Citrus, lemon grass.

Conclusion: When we say dill we are not kidding, though it might have been our cupping method that enhanced the dill taste. In our opinion it is a bit too dark roasted. We will not buy this one again.

Where to get it: At Alkemisten.


Koppi – Sehe (Burundi)

koppi sehe buruni india

What we tasted: Tomatoes, juicy, sweet.

What the package said: Darjeeling, black currants and sweet citrus.

Conclusion: This is a really good, light roasted coffee. It was used in the Polish Aeropress championship and we can definitely see why.

Where to get it: Unfortunately not sold in Gothenburg. Check their website.

Cupping Session 1

3 thoughts on “Cupping Session 1

  1. Koppi och Drop Coffee är alldeles jätteduktiga! Tips; Har ni provat något från Slöinge Kafferosteri? Har testat ett par olika med gott resultat! Trevlig blogg, tack ska ni ha!

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