Coffee roasteries in Gothenburg:

Da Matteo
One of the bigger specialty coffee roasteries in Sweden. Known for their light roasted high quality coffee.

Magasinsgatan 17 A
411 18 Gothenburg

Kafferostare Per Nordby
Per is one of Gothenburg’s most experienced roaster. He has roasted coffee since 2007, and has been in the coffee industry since 2000.
N/A (He’ll soon open up his new roastery at a new address)

Roasteries outside of Gothenburg:

Funded in 2014, Rost if one of the newest small batch roasters in Sweden.

Lilla Hantverksgatan 7
434 42 Kungsbacka


Slöinge Kafferosteri
Daniel, the founder of Slöinge Kafferosteri, is an excellent coffee roaster. He got third in the Swedish Roasting Championship 2015.

Stationsgatan 7
311 68 Slöinge