Llama Lloyd

As far as we know there are two cafés on Hisingen that serves specialty coffee: Alkemisten and Llama Lloyd.

Only a block away from Kvilletorget, in the corner of Tunnbindaregatan and Väderkvarnsgatan, lies Llama Lloyd – the bicycle café. Forget about latte art, this is a filter coffee shop. And no, we didn’t even miss the espresso machine.

Llama Lloyd

Robin, the founder and barista at Llama Lloyd serves you excellent pour over coffee, roasted by Per Nordby. If you’re hungry, you can also get yourself something to eat. Robin makes his own soups, sandwiches and cookies.

Llama Lloyd

The café itself is quite small. There are a few seatings inside, maybe 6-8, but there is also an outdoor seating area by the street, which is absolutely lovely when it’s sunny. The bar desk is also a blackboard, where Robin gives tips about bicycle organizations in Gothenburg, such as where to repair your bike, where to buy a used bike or where to recycle one. The walls are decorated with beautiful Gothenburg prints from Hisingen Grafiska Verkstad.

Llama Lloyd

At our first, and so far only visit (there will be more we promise), Robin brewed Kaiguri, a Kenyan coffee from Per Nordby, which was absolutely amazing. If you go here be sure to go by bike, at Llama Lloyd all bike riders get 10% off.

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri: 09:00–18:00
Weekends: 12:00–16:00

Väderkvarnsgatan 16A

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Llama Lloyd


There are few really good coffee spots on Hisingen but Alkemisten is one of them. The café is situated in the up and coming Kvillebäcken. Serving their own coffee beans (roasted by Sandby Kafferosteri), Alkemisten brew your coffee as regular black filter, on machine and v60, or espresso based.

Alkemisten Kaffebar

The seatings are quite few (and we pretty much captured the whole café in the picture above). We were there last Sunday on their opening day, and even though its newly opened, it felt as if the baristas had been working there for years. The interior is industrial with a thick concrete worktop on the bar desk, vintage Luxo lamps and wooden cable reels as tables.

coffee alkemisten

Unfortunately, they didn’t serve pour over that first Sunday, but they promised it was on its way (and we saw pictures of it on Facebook a few days later). Instead of our standard pour over, we had an excellent Americano on their Neidan coffee and we also got to try their Waidan as espressos. In addition to pour over and espresso, we also saw a siphon on a shelf!

alkemisten-kaffebar-14 alkemisten-kaffebar-13

Except for coffee Alkemisten also have locally produced juices and organic food and pastries.


The name Alkemisten is translated to The Alchemist, and they also sell the book by Paulo Coelho.


Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 7 – 17
Weekends: 10 – 16

Gustaf Dahlénsgatan 14

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