Viktors kaffe

Viktors is a coffee bar situated on a side street to Avenyn. They serve pour over as well as espresso based coffee and during the summer they also serve cold drip.


It is a fairly small café with seating for about 20 people. During the warmer seasons there are also seatings outside. The interior is 70s inspired with Scandinavian windsor chairs and String shelves. The art on the walls is for sale and changes every now and then.

todays-coffeepour-overWe have got the feeling that they mostly serve Johan & Nyström, though we know that they have served coffee from e.g. Per Nordby some time ago.

We think that the café itself is nice and would be a great place to study if it wasn’t for the loud music. Luckily you can grab yourself a take away and head for the library 100 meters away, because the coffee is really worth it. Make sure to try the pour over! (We do love the pour over!!)


If you, for some reason, are reading a coffee blog but do not fancy coffee, Viktors Kaffe serve tea and juices. If you want to grab something to eat, they also got sandwiches and bakeries.

They make their pour over with the v60, and grind with the Mahlkönig EK43.

Opening hours are Mon – Fri: 7 – 19
Weekends: 9.30 – 18

Closest bus stop: Götaplatsen

Geijersgatan 7

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Viktors kaffe